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Have you been watching the Venus/Jupiter show in the night sky?

From the UK, they’ve been visible after dusk out to the west. Venus is the brighter of the two not far above the horizon and Jupiter was above Venus to the left.

On July 1st, they drew side-by-side and merged into one bright conjunction. This is good news astrologically as Venus and Jupiter are the benefics, i.e. the two best planets.

Venus rules love, money, pleasure and Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and luck, expands what it touches. Think Big Love, Abundance, Happiness & Gifts.

The good news is that these two planets meet twice more over the next few months on August 4th and October 25th so the bounty continues. This is why some astrologers have termed this ‘the summer of love’.

Check out your monthly horoscopes for July to find out what this means for you.

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