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Was Prince William Born To Be King?

Published on June 27, 2014 By sallyk

What does astrology say about the chart of Prince William, whose birthday falls on the Summer Solstice every year at 0 Cancer? Here’s a snippet from my recent article written for Horoscope Friends with predictions on whether and when he will become King. “Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was born with the Sun in […]

The Astrology Of The Royal Baby

Published on July 24, 2013 By sallyk

Never has the birth of a child been awaited with so much media coverage or interest as the Royal baby. On Monday the astrology forums were brimming with minute-to-minute updates on the possible combinations of Ascendant, Moon and even Sun sign with countless interpretations of what it would all mean. For a time it looked […]

Do You Have a Cosmic Marriage?

Published on May 15, 2011 By sallyk

One of the main reasons astrology remains popular is because of what it reveals about love, sex and relationships. Many clients consult an astrologer when they meet someone new or a relationship is in crisis. Single clients invariably ask when they’ll find true love and the role of fate and destiny in love is a […]

Sun Sign Compatibility and the Royal Couple

Published on April 29, 2011 By sallyk

Today’s the big day – the Royal Wedding – the eagerly awaited marriage of Prince William (born June 21 1982) to Catherine Middleton (born January 9 1982).  It’s hardly been a whirlwind romance as they started dating when they were at university and next year they both turn 30. This makes sense from an astrological […]