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Who Will Win At The Oscars 2013?

Published on February 20, 2013 By sallyk

The Oscars are here and this Sunday Update 25th February 2013: The results are in & very intriguing too. Leos did well, notably Ben Affleck winning for Best Film with Argo and Jennifer Lawrence winning the Best Actress award at the tender age of 22. She tripped & fell on the stairs (oops, Mercury retrograde?!). […]

Weekly Astrology Insights: 18th-24th February 2013

Published on February 18, 2013 By sallyk

The Sun enters Pisces as the week begins on Monday 18th and connects with Neptune, God of the Sea, and Pisces’ ruling planet on Thursday 21st. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it’s said to contain something of all the other signs within it. Pisces rules spirituality which by definition embraces the […]

Dreaming About The Oscars And Astrological Prediction

Published on February 27, 2012 By sallyk

My “out-there-in-the-world” Oscar predictions, Who Will Win At The Oscars, were obviously troubling me last night because I not only dreamt that Michelle Williams won the award for Best Actress (which I hadn’t predicted), but I was up for an award at the Oscars too. In my dream/nightmare, nothing was going right. I had to […]