Make A Wish On The New Moon In Pisces

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Make A Wish

Today’s New Moon falls in the sign of Pisces and is exact at 10:35pm (GMT), 21 February 2012. New Moons are wonderful for new beginnings, creating intentions and making a wish.

Watching the Moon as it waxes and wanes throughout its twenty eight day cycle connects us to the lunar world, the night time and all that is dark and hidden. The Moon is an ancient symbol for the Feminine and this is where intuition comes in to play, doing something because it “feels” right and trusting your inner knowingness.

Today’s New Moon is especially magical as it connects with Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration, in the early degrees of Pisces. It’s a wonderful time to tap in to your own poetic or artistic side, to be creative or allow yourself to be inspired by others. Watch a film, read a book or be romantic and find your muse.

Tom Evans, The Bookwright, has devised a programme that harnesses the energy of the Moon and supports you to write the first draft of a book in 28 days. Naturally enough it begins on the New Moon and is called quite simply Writing In Tune With The Moon.

If you have something you want to begin in your own life, do it now. I’m starting the Abundance Programme which lasts for 40 days and is (hopefully) going to teach me how to be the source of my own abundance. What intentions or actions will you initiate on this New Moon? Say them out loud, tell a friend or colleague or write them down in a journal.

Then, when you first catch a glimpse of the new crescent Moon in the sky tomorrow or the next day, make a wish. Do this, and it’s said your dreams will come true. Create the results you want in your own life and start something new today on the New Moon.

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