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NEW! Weekly Stars

I am delighted to announce a new subscription service offering you weekly stars/horoscopes direct to your inbox. These will complement my popular monthly horoscopes which will remain free and available to everyone.

- You will receive the new weekly stars each weekend via a weekly newsletter and in addition to weekly horoscopes, there will be up-to-date astrological information so you’re in the know, in flow and can plan your week ahead.

- Plus, there’s more. As a valued subscriber, you will receive a discounted rate on all astrology readings and reports and there’s an exclusive Ask The Astrologer service where you can get your questions answered personally by me.

- You either pay a monthly rate of £3.99 or even better value, you receive 12 months for the price of 10 and pay an annual rate of £39.00. If you become an annual subscriber before the end of April 2015, you will also go into a prize draw to win a personal astrology reading with me by Skype or phone.

- Go to NEW! Weekly and sign up today.


Solar EclipseHow Was It For You?

The Solar Eclipse on Friday 20th March was a hugely exciting event for many people in northern Europe.

Sadly clouds covered the celestial show here in the south-east of England but the photos/videos on the internet were magnificent.

It’s not often you’re blessed with a New Moon that’s also an Eclipse on the same day as the Sun enters Aries heralding the Equinox. In the northern hemisphere, this symbolises the start of spring, a time of rebirth, fertility and new opportunities.

NEW! Weekly Horoscopes. Weekly stars, up-to-date astrology highlights, discounted rates on astrology readings & reports and more direct to your inbox. Subscribe today.
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