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Zodiac sunYour Monthly Stars for October Are Here!

With two eclipses and Mercury retrograde, October is a month that requires careful navigation. That’s why I’ve posted my October monthly stars early to give you an advance preview of the cosmic action.

Astrology at it’s most simple is based on the theory: ‘As Above, So Below’ and some people take this a step further and believe that the stars and planets are within us. Once we’re in step with the natural laws of the universe, we are more allowing of what life brings our way and we’re in flow.

Whatever your own thoughts, good timing is your key to success and this is where astrology can guide you. Scroll down to find your Star Sign (also called Sun Sign) or click on the ‘Monthly’ page above.

 Special Offer

Are you a fan of my monthly stars? Then this offer is for you. For the first time I am writing lengthy & luxurious 2015 stars which will launch on October 28th 2014. You can pre-order your copy of all 12 star signs before the end of October for the discounted rate of £10 down from £12.  Click here to go directly to the order page which is also in the navigation bar directly above entitled “2015 Stars”.

Your 2015 Stars are now available to pre-order. Click the link to grab your discount rate valid until October 28th 2014.

Click here to purchase your Star Sign Love Compatibility eBook by donation. Instantly available to download.

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