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christmas-518413_1280December monthly stars are here!

December is a busy month at the best of times for many people in the run up to Christmas and throughout the holiday season. This year you can expect an exceptionally eventful month as it’s a busy month in the heavens.

The big astro news:

  • Saturn leaves the murky depths of Scorpio and enters truth sign Sagittarius: December 23rd
  • A 6th Uranus-Pluto square brings dramatic change: December 15th
  • A New Moon at 0 Capricorn is zinging with ambition potential: December 22nd
  • Mars enters quirky Aquarius inviting you to embrace the weird: December 5th
  • Winter Solstice: Shortest day? Longest day? Depends where you live: December 21st

Read your star sign forecast to find out what this means for you personally and keep an eye on the blog as I’ll be writing about individual planetary events throughout the month of December.

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