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Pisces.Zeeshan A KhanApologies if you’re a Sun sign Pisces and you subscribe to my newsletter. I usually check all the links to the monthly stars are correct but I didn’t have time today. I use a monthly template and it seems Pisces was still on August not September!

It’s not a case of deja-vu for September, this month is very different in fact. Here’s the correct link, Pisces, for your personal month ahead and the picture today is the beautiful Pisces photo that I’ve been allowed to share by my connection on flickr, Zeeshan A Khan. There are 12 of these, one for each zodiac sign (see your star sign below).

My personal Year Ahead reports are selling well, 14 sold, 16 remaining but there’s still a chance for you to sign up for one. Click on this link to go directly to the 2015 Personal Year Ahead Report page to reserve your report. Don’t miss out if you would like a 3,000 word report written for you personally. Almost half have been snapped up in August and I’m sure September will be the same and the writing begins in October.

Best wishes from me to you for this month – relax or work hard depending on your Sun sign. Full details are in your personal monthly stars article below.

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