Guest Post: Why Tsonga Will Win Wimbledon 2012

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga no. 5 seed

Guest Post by Astrologer Joanna Watters

Thank you Sally for reposting your blog about Wimbledon. It inspired me to look at the astrology which, up until this morning, I’d only glanced at.

It’s impossible not to agree with your astrological take on Federer’s chart – Jupiter, planet of good fortune, on his Midheaven – angle of career and status – virtually exact on the day of the final is stunning. (For the uninitiated, note that Jupiter’s cycle is 12 years. In other words, Jupiter last transited his Midheaven 12 years ago.)

The sign of Gemini features very strongly in recent and current astrology. Jupiter is on his way through his year long journey through this sign and we also have Venus in the middle of an unusually long visit to the sign of the Twins. However, when I looked at the chart for the beginning of this year’s tournament (data 11.30 BST, 25 June 2012, 51N25, 0W12) there were other features that jumped out for exploration.


astrology chart of Wimbledon 2012

Astrology Chart for Wimbledon, June 25th 2012 11:30am BST

The chart has a Virgo Ascendant, Moon in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant and Mars in Virgo in the first house.  In my view, this makes the chart “radical”. In other words, the symbolism accurately reflects the event in question.

Mars is the god of war and is an especially strong planet when considering one to one combat, and Virgo is the sign of precision and pinpoint accuracy. The chart ruler is therefore Mercury who, interestingly, is void of course – at 29 degrees of Cancer this planet will make no aspects to the other planets before changing sign and moving on into Leo. This suggests that the favourite will not win.

The other dominant features are two major aspects:

  • Jupiter square Neptune – exact on the day that the tournament started
  • The even more rare Uranus square Pluto, exact on the day before the tournament started

The first aspect suggests a fuzzy and unobvious picture and the second aspect signals the unexpected. Uranus (shocks) and Pluto (endings) suggests an event that will be characterized by shock exits, born out by the fact that Venus Williams went out in the first round and Nadal got knocked out on day four. With this astrology in mind it’s a tall order to predict the men’s singles winner, but I do think it will be a surprise.

My own hunch is to go with Jo Wilfried Tsonga. I didn’t know anything about his chart but thought he looked very Taurean, with his thick set frame and bull neck. He is in fact an Aries, but his all important Mars turns out to be in Taurus and – within one day of the Wimbledon final – his progressed Sun will be conjunct that planet.

I also like the fact that his progressed Moon is conjunct his natal Moon (an aspect that occurs only once every 28 years) and that his Solar Return chart for this year has a Midheaven of 12 Gemini, exactly the same as the chart for the beginning of the tournament. He also has Venus conjunct the Midheaven in his Solar Return chart, picking this out as a year of blessings.

Finally I am intrigued to see that he has the lesser known Chiron at 6.06 Gemini – exactly conjunct Federer’s Midheaven of 6.10 Gemini. So as Sally has pointed out, Jupiter will be transiting Federer’s Midheaven in time for the final, but of course will also be transiting Tsonga’s Chiron. I may be getting caught up with the Jupiter – Neptune square here and going into my own fantasy, but I love the idea of a Federer – Tsonga final, a battle of the giants! Fingers crossed!

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[You can contact Joanna who teaches astrology courses in Greece here and do please feel free to comment below.]

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