Dreaming About The Oscars And Astrological Prediction

photo of Oscar/Academy Award on billboard in Hollywood

Celebrate the movies in all of us

My “out-there-in-the-world” Oscar predictions, Who Will Win At The Oscars, were obviously troubling me last night because I not only dreamt that Michelle Williams won the award for Best Actress (which I hadn’t predicted), but I was up for an award at the Oscars too.

In my dream/nightmare, nothing was going right. I had to take on a 3 mile trek across a bog and through woods and heathland to get there. I had a wardrobe crisis with only 3 strange outfits to choose from, one of which was a 3-piece dark green hippy-style trouser suit, which I opted for. I was joined in the dream by some of my dog-walking friends (minus the dogs) and in the end we arrived at the awards ceremony on time. I wandered up in very high heels without falling over but never found out what the award was for. How bizarre.

In the end, my astrology predictions were good with 4 out of 6 correct. The Artist swept the board and won Best Film and Michel Hazavanacius took the Best Director award. In my previous post listing my predictions, I mentioned that The Artist is a beautiful symbol for Neptune’s move in to Pisces which happened earlier this month. I should add that Pisces is one of the water signs which in traditional astrology are thought of as mute and non-verbal, so another fantastic showing for this silent movie that’s dominated the year’s movie awards.

In the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress categories, it was interesting to note that the two Sun Geminis, Jean Dujardin and Octavia Spencer won over my Taurus predictions, George Clooney (Sun Taurus) and Berenice Bejo (Jupiter Taurus). Gemini’s year should really begin in the summer when Jupiter, planet of good fortune and prosperity, leaves Taurus and moves in to Gemini.

Having said that, in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor categories, Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer won as I predicted. They both have Moon Taurus, and the Moon in astrology rules the general public as well as a person’s emotional, inner world. This is to do with the wave of emotion that a nation generates and in sporting and event predictions, the Moon is key. Jupiter in Taurus proved its power by bringing success to both actors.

Using astrology to make predictions is akin to weather forecasting or financial forecasting, i.e. it’s not 100% accurate but a constructive guide nonetheless. Predicting the Lottery numbers would be difficult using astrology, although the benefits of astrological timing can help you choose the best dates to buy your Lottery ticket.

It’s celebrity and sporting predictions that work beautifully with astrology and I’ve become a huge fan of both. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be letting you in on my secrets of how astrology can help you choose your horse for the Grand National race and even predict the winner of the FACup. Cue more odd dreams perhaps? She shoots, she scores, “they think it’s all over… it is now!”

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