A Warm Welcome

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The Merry Month of May

A warm welcome to my astrology website. May is turning out to be quite a big month here in the UK. The General Election on May 7th shocked the nation and produced an unexpected result.

Plus a new Royal Baby was born to William and Kate on May 2nd, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. (Find out why she’s a girlie princess in my latest article: The Royal Baby Princess Charlotte).

All the traditional events which link to the month of May, such as the maypole (photo to left), morris dancers and the Beltane festival celebrate fertility and abundance.

This is no surprise astrologically because it’s Taurus’ birthday month and Taurus is ruled by Venus, symbol of love and money. After Aries (the first sign) initiates and sows seeds, Taurus (the second sign) is connected to the earth which helps life grow and flourish. This is the production stage. As I’m sitting here writing this we have heavy rain and high winds so it’s not the most spring-like picture outside the window. Yet I feel confident that for those of us in the northern hemisphere summer is on the way.

That’s what we’re celebrating this month, that summer is just around the corner. The buds are budding and the leaves are green.

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