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I am going tStar.Ballo be writing my popular Year Ahead Astrology Reports for 2015 but this year I only have space to write 30 reports.

Each report is based on your personal astrology chart (date, time and place of birth) and is packed full of astrological insights and predictions for your year ahead.

Individually tailored to your natal chart, your report will include general themes for your 2015, plus specific interpretations of the major progressions, transits and lunations that are relevant to you.

It’s an incredibly useful guide that helps you to plan your year, know when to take action and highlights your strengths and challenges in the year ahead. Each report is unique and is approximately 3,000 words/12 pages.

I am only able to write 30 reports this year so if you’re interested, please don’t miss out. Your investment is £120 and you can order your report on the 2015 Personal Astrology Reports page.

Leo Monthly Stars August 2014

Fashion DollLeo (23 July-22 August)

Happy birthday, Leo! The Sun shines bright in Leo until the 23rd and the Sun is not the only planetary body gracing your sign. The Sun’s as good a place to start as any, however, and when the Sun is in your sign it’s time to shine bright, be your authentic self and show the world who you are.

This is of course magnified three-fold because of Jupiter’s presence in your own sign. Jupiter entered Leo mid-July where he remains majestic and proud until August 2015. This month feels especially powerful and celebratory for you as the faster-moving planets connect with Jupiter, the King of the Gods.

Jupiter represents expansion and opportunity and at its best brings you happiness and abundance. This is a brilliant month to work on your image, your appearance and your profile. Whether you’re seeking love or you’re in a powerful position at work, other peoples’ eyes are upon you and you can benefit most now by ensuring that you make a good impression.

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Virgo Monthly Stars August 2014

Beach ChairVirgo (23 August-22 September)

As August begins, your ruling planet Mercury is in the sign of the moment Leo. Leo is the sign before yours in the horoscope and this is associated with retreat, inner work, slowing life down before you start to pick up pace again once planets move into your sign of Virgo.

This is part of a bigger picture for you, however, as Jupiter, the biggest planet in the heavens, entered Leo mid-July where he remains until August 2015. This is brilliant to immerse yourself in any kind of spiritual work, to focus on the inner rather than the outer, to learn to love yourself on a deep level and to spend more time being quiet and/or alone.

If you’re a typical Virgo, you have a busy mind being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, but this is a chance to do things differently, to silence the mind, to let your body lead you, to tap into your creative source. See what you feel pulled towards when Mercury and Jupiter connect in the heavens on the 2nd. What you really want to do in life may appear on or around this date as you’re drawn towards doing more of this activity whilst Jupiter remains in Leo.

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Libra Monthly Stars August 2014

PotsLibra (23 September-23 October)

Your ruling planet Venus is the last of the personal planets to remain in Cancer, the sign at the top of your horoscope. Cancer rules your career and vocation and for some, the first half of 2014 has been challenging as Cancer is one of the signs involved in the Grand Cross that dominated the heavens earlier this year.

Venus remains in Cancer until the 12th but it’s the 1st that’s most significant for you as Venus squares Uranus in your opposite sign of Aries and trines Saturn in Scorpio. This is a final hoorah and you may find yourself in a position to say goodbye to someone in your life who’s been a loose cannon, someone you work with perhaps.

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Scorpio Monthly Stars August 2014

Blackpool TowerScorpio (24 October-21 November)

There’s not a great deal of slowing down going on in the heavens for you, Scorpio, as August gets underway. Mars, your traditional ruling planet, is in your sign of Scorpio throughout the month and driving you forward with strength and purpose.

Mars loves Scorpio as it’s a sign where he can be focused, travel deep and get things done. Transformation is possible both inner and outer and wherever you put your steely determination, there are hidden riches to be found.

For some this is about your career and new opportunities opening up for you and for others it’s about love, play and other areas of passion. A lot is going to be asked of you in the month of August and you need to prove that you can rise to the occasion.

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Sagittarius Monthly Stars August 2014

SeagullSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

It’s the last blast of the Cardinal Grand Cross as August begins with Venus, the last of the personal planets, to be in Cancer, one of the cardinal signs.

The Cardinal Grand Cross has been important for you as it’s focused on the money sectors of your chart and some of you may have found that you’ve been caught up in a financial straitjacket throughout the first half of 2014.

By this I mean that your money’s been tied up with other people, whether someone owes you cash, you’ve been waiting on a loan or you’ve been subsidising someone close to you. On the 1st Venus squares Uranus and trines Saturn and this brings the situation to a close.

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Capricorn Monthly Stars August 2014

Cruise LinerCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

The 1st day of the month is an important one for you as Venus, the planet of love, is in your opposite sign of Cancer and your relationship sector.

Your 1-to-1 relationships have been caught up in the Cardinal Grand Cross that’s dominated the heavens in the first part of 2014. If you’ve felt stuck in a situation or your own destiny has been inextricably intertwined with someone close to you, things now begin to shift.

On the 1st, Venus clashes with Uranus in Aries down at the bottom of your chart but also connects in a helpful way with Saturn in Scorpio. You can get rid of a problem that stops you fulfilling the potential of your love life. Whether it’s an issue to do with your home, your family or your past, this is the final goodbye and there’s a chance to move on.

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Aquarius Monthly Stars August 2014

CoupleAquarius (20 January-18 February)

This mid-year period is shaping up to be something special but you have to raise your game and play with the big boys and girls if you want to make things happen/do things differently. The two main areas under the spotlight are major for you, one is your love life and 1-to-1 relationships and the other is your career and vocation.

Love is under the cosmic spotlight because of Jupiter’s move into your opposite sign of Leo which took place mid-July. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and expansion and at its best brings you happiness and abundance. Jupiter remains in your opposite sign and your relationship sector until August 2015.

Yes, some of you will be getting married or hearing a proposal in the coming year but that’s not the only option. Jupiter is the planet of freedom so you may be cutting ties in a relationship or marriage that’s no longer working for you and Jupiter is a playful energy so some of you will be keen to keep your options open when it comes to love. There are no rules when it comes to relationships.

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Pisces Monthly Stars August 2014

FlippersPisces (19 February-20 March)

The good news is that any financial mix-up or straitjacket can be removed as the month of August begins but you may be extra busy because of what takes place. The main reason why finances start to ease now is because you see the back of the Cardinal Grand Cross which dominated much of the first half of 2014. This involved planets clashing across your money axis so there’s not been much of a flow with regard to cash as differing needs and delayed or stopped payments got in the way.

You now get a chance to move on and with work and your everyday lifestyle taking off it looks as if new a job or work project could be the reason for your change of fortune. Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, entered Leo and your work sector mid-July where he remains until August 2015. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity and at its best promises happiness and abundance.

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Aries Monthly Stars August 2014

Beach TrampolineAries (21 March-19 April)

Let’s focus on the good stuff this month, Aries, and to be fair there’s a lot of opportunity for things to be going well for you. Jupiter is now well-established in your fellow fire sign of Leo and picking up speed nicely. Jupiter, the biggest planet in the heavens, represents expansion and possibility and at its best brings happiness and abundance.

It’s a double whammy as Leo rules your 5th house in your chart and the feel-good or fun sector of your horoscope. This is about entertainment, play, children, love affairs and your creative talents. It’s about finding what you love in life and doing more of it. Listen out for good news on Saturday 2nd when Mercury (communication) teams up with Jupiter in Leo and this is a great day for a party or celebration and to hang out with people who make you happy.

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Taurus Monthly Stars August 2014

Camper VanTaurus (20 April-20 May)

Your ruling planet Venus begins the month in the cardinal sign of Cancer and on the 1st, Venus trines Saturn and squares Uranus. Think of this as the end of a cycle even if it is the beginning of a new month. The Cardinal Grand Cross has dominated the first six months of the year but once Venus leaves Cancer on the 12th, it’s time to exhale and breathe a sigh of relief.

In a nutshell, it’s about letting go of the stuff that doesn’t work in your life so you can allow new energy in. It may play out for you as de-cluttering, dismissing other peoples’ opinions of you or ditching a bad habit or two.

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