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EBOOK_SALLY-KIRKMAN2015_blue copyYour 2015 Stars Are Here!

I am delighted to announce that Your 2015 Stars is finally ready and what a whopping read it’s going to be: 127 pages; 45,000 words total; 3,500 words per star sign. Phew!

There’s an overview of the year ahead, information on Mercury retrograde and how to make the most of the New Moon/Full Moon cycle plus of course detailed forecasts for each of the 12 star signs, Aries through to Pisces.

If you love my monthly stars, you will love Your 2015 Stars. It’s a must-have read that’s yours for only £10. A Leo friend of mine read her forecast and said that she’d pay £10 for her sign alone. You get to find out what’s coming up for you and the people you love. You can read your Sun sign (also called Star sign) and your Ascendant sign too.

Click here to go directly to the order page which is also in the navigation bar directly above entitled “2015 Stars”. Available to download instantly.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn: Reality Check

policeman-23796_1280The last of three Saturn conjunctions this month is currently underway as Mercury in Scorpio meets up with Saturn in Scorpio overnight [exact: Wednesday 26th November 02:37 GMT].

Mercury rules communication and the mind and Saturn is the get real planet. Put the two together and today’s stars have a serious overtone which is emphasised by the Moon in Capricorn today and tomorrow (Saturn rules the hard-working sign of Capricorn).

It may be time to hear some hard facts, to say ‘no’ to an opportunity or invitation or to give yourself or others a stern talking to if you’re busy or up against a deadline. Hard work, a strict timetable and facts rather than fiction are Mercury/Saturn’s domain.

It’s not escaped my notice that this important conjunction is building whilst small businesses become more and more agitated over the new VAT rules that will become law in the UK on January 1st 2015.

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New Moon Sagittarius: Create, Enjoy, Discover

JumpThis weekend’s New Moon in Sagittarius is extra special as it falls at 0 Sagittarius, the very beginning of the sign.

The Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:38 GMT on Saturday 22nd November and a few hours later the Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:19 GMT and hey presto, a New Moon phase begins.

Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer, the traveller, the seeker, the archer with his arrows primed and ready to fire high into the sky. This is the most learned of the fire signs, watching out for the creative spark that will ignite new ideas and inspire brainwaves and before you know it you’re up and running towards a new adventure or exciting goal.

Jump Into Life Read the rest of New Moon Sagittarius: Create, Enjoy, Discover

Sun Conjunct Saturn: Conserving Energy

shadow-185314_1280Saturn makes the second of its three conjunctions in November tomorrow, Tuesday 18th November [08:50 GMT] and this time it’s a conjunction with the Sun in the sign of Scorpio.

In traditional astrology, Saturn is the enemy of the lights, the Sun and Moon. Saturn’s signs of rulership are Capricorn and Uranus whereas the Moon rules Cancer and is ‘weak’ in its opposite sign of Capricorn and the Sun rules Leo and is ‘weak’ in its opposite sign of Aquarius. In other words, the signs in which Saturn is strong are directly opposed to the signs in which the Sun and Moon are strong.

This is important because Saturn weakens the energy of the lights; it acts as a shade, it dampens them, wears them down. Tomorrow’s yearly conjunction between the Sun and Saturn is powerful because the Sun rules vitality, energy, creative source, spirit. Saturn is clamping down on these life-giving attributes and an image that springs to mind is a big grey elephant sitting upon and squashing a tiny person. Ouch!

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Strictly Come Dancing Astrology Special

disco-160929_1280I love love love Strictly Come Dancing and over the last 10 years it has become a firm favourite in our household. Tonight’s show is extra special as it’s filmed from the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

This excites me so much because Blackpool is my home town. When I was a teenager, our Saturday nights out would often start in the Tower Ballroom with a drink at the traditional ‘tea dance’ with the oldies before we headed out on the town. Discos & clubbing graduated to lambada & salsa when I lived in London and I have spent many hours of my life grooving, dancing, letting it all hang out.

These days most of my dancing takes place in the kitchen with my daughter sighing ‘oh Mum…’ but I still like to think I would flourish when, with my vivid imagination, I’m asked to join the cast of Strictly. And the frocks… gorgeous.

So this week I’ve been taking a look at the Strictly stars and their respective Star signs (also called Sun signs) to see whether a pattern emerges. And it does. And who would have guessed the result… Read the rest of Strictly Come Dancing Astrology Special

Neptune Pisces: Water Water Everywhere

SeaThe backdrop to this week’s more challenging planetary activity (i.e. the Mars/Pluto/Uranus clash; Venus conjunct Saturn) contains a watery theme as the planet Neptune slows down and turns direct.

This big event takes place on Sunday 16th November [07:05 GMT] and Neptune is in the early degrees of Pisces [4 Pisces 48].

Neptune is God of the sea in mythology and Pisces is the sign that Neptune rules. It’s a watery watery world and Neptune’s cup overfloweth.

Plus we have already experienced a Mercury-Neptune trine this week in the early hours of Wednesday 12th November and this planetary aspect harnesses the best of Neptune.

Read the rest of Neptune Pisces: Water Water Everywhere

Benedict Cumberbatch: All The World’s A Stage

solar-system-414388_1280Have you seen the Benedict Cumberbatch advert yet for the BBC promoting their autumn drama?

I have added it to the bottom of this article but it first appeared on television at the end of October and I happened upon it last week.

At first, I didn’t realise Benedict was quoting in entirety one of Shakespeare’s most famous monologues, All The World’s A Stage spoken by the melancholy Jaques in As You Like It.

As the advert continued, in my mind’s eye all I could see were the seven traditional planets with the Sun at the centre. Each stage of the monologue, the seven ages of man, represented a planet in their correct order as used by astrologers. Here are the references which emerged as he spoke: Read the rest of Benedict Cumberbatch: All The World’s A Stage

Vanessa-Mae: Super Scorpio

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 16.33.35When you’re an astrologer, you always have to check out what star sign a celeb is when their story in the news piques your curiosity. It’s obligatory, you have to do it.

The story that grabbed my attention today concerned the violinist and Olympic skier, Vanessa-mae, who has just been banned from ski-ing for four years. She took part in the Sochi Olympics 2014 skiing for Thailand but didn’t qualify for the event in an official capacity which has landed her in hot water.

Now it’s not often you see the following accolades sitting side-by-side on a CV: teen violinist sensation, Olympic skier. It undoubtedly takes a certain type of individual to be so focused, ambitious and talented not to be satisfied with one successful career but to attempt to compete at top level at a completely contradictory event. Music & sport don’t often go hand in hand.

Read the rest of Vanessa-Mae: Super Scorpio

Mars Conjunct Pluto: Ambition For Good Or Evil

font-446667_1280It’s hard to think of tonight’s Mars/Pluto conjunction without immediately thinking of the saying ‘do or die’.

Mars rules action and through its mythological associations, Pluto links us to death and the Underworld.

Scorpio is the sign that unites the two; Mars being Scorpio’s traditional ruler and Pluto Scorpio’s modern ruler.

Any way you look at it, this is potentially a ruthless, obsessive combination that combines pain and passion. Yet Mars is currently powerful in Capricorn, a sign that’s inextricably linked with work, achievement and ambition, so rather than the darker connotations of this planetary conjunction, there’s potential for greatness and then some.

Read the rest of Mars Conjunct Pluto: Ambition For Good Or Evil

Mercury Scorpio: Be Your Own Detective

sherlock-holmes-462957_1280.jpgCommunication planet Mercury re-enters the water sign of Scorpio today, Saturday 8th November ( exact 23:09) where it remains for the next 20 days.

Mercury in Scorpio is the detective, the seeker of secrets, delving deep to uncover what’s hidden and to find the truth.

What’s interesting about Mercury’s move into Scorpio this weekend is that it’s been here before and not too long ago.

On September 27th 2014 Mercury entered Scorpio and due to the trickster planet turning retrograde on October 4th, Mercury backed out of Scorpio and into Libra on October 10th. 

Read the rest of Mercury Scorpio: Be Your Own Detective

Full Moon Taurus: A Safe Harbour

moon-165487_1280The Full Moon is building in the sky this week and on Thursday November 6th at 10:23 pm GMT it reaches its peak.

The Moon is powerful during the Full Moon phase as it’s in the sign of Taurus [14 Taurus 26] where it’s exalted.

This means its energy is powerful, strong and my favourite saying for the Moon in Taurus is a ‘safe harbour’.

Taurus Rules

Taurus rules security, both financial and emotional, and the earth sign Taurus is inextricably linked with nature and abundance. There’s a constancy to nature and the earth sustains, feeds and comforts us. Daily routines, walking in nature, silence, sensual pleasures, indulgence – these are all connected to Taurus’ earthy delights.

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