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2017 - Stargazing
A stargazer's role is to look into the future and work on 2017 has already begun. I'm pleased to announce that there will be a 2017 Horoscope eBook coming your way soon. It will be available for the same price as last year, £10 for all 12 star signs. I'll let you know as soon as it's ready to pre-order. The 2017 Year Ahead Reports are now sold out. If you would like to go on the waiting list, please email me directly. If all goes well, I'll offer more reports in December & January.

Monthly Horoscopes
Your monthly stars for October are now live on the website. Individual Sun Sign horoscopes are on the Astrology Blog page or you can read all 12 horoscopes on the Monthly page above. Get ready to climb your personal mountain in October as Mars in Capricorn is ideal for strategic action & long-term planning.

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I now offer a paid weekly horoscope service for those of you who love the free monthly horoscopes and want to know more. Subscribe on a monthly £3.99 or annual basis £39 - 12 months for the price of 10 and your weekly astrology newsletter will whizz into your inbox every Sunday so you're ready and informed for the week ahead. As a valued subscriber, you receive a free gift "Your 5 Minute Guide to the Zodiac" plus 20% off all astrology services.
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Weekly Horoscopes

Monthly Horoscopes

My popular long & luxurious monthly horoscopes have recently been voted the best free horoscopes by the Top 100 Horoscopes website and enjoyed by countless readers since March 2011.
Read your Monthly Horoscopes to discover what's in store for you in the month ahead. You can also sign up to receive your monthly horoscopes direct into your inbox on the Monthly page.
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Monthly Horoscopes

Book A Reading

I love doing readings, whether you're new to astrology or you consider yourself an astrology expert. Your birth chart offers you a unique insight into your life destiny, and can help you gain a fresh perspective on your current issues or questions. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated about the next stage in your life.
Book today at Readings £135. Follow up consultation £100.
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Astrology Blog

The Astrology Blog is your go-to page if you want to read your monthly horoscope or find out about the major astrology taking place and how it influences you.
You will also find my popular tennis predictions, celebrity astrology and more.
If you're looking for a specific article, there's a search button & a list of categories on the Blog page. Here's the direct link: Astrology Blog.

Astrology Blog