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Zodiac sunYour Monthly Stars for October Are Here!

With two eclipses and Mercury retrograde, October is a month that requires careful navigation. That’s why I’ve posted my October monthly stars early to give you an advance preview of the cosmic action.

Astrology at it’s most simple is based on the theory: ‘As Above, So Below’ and some people take this a step further and believe that the stars and planets are within us. Once we’re in step with the natural laws of the universe, we are more allowing of what life brings our way and we’re in flow.

Whatever your own thoughts, good timing is your key to success and this is where astrology can guide you. Scroll down to find your Star Sign (also called Sun Sign) or click on the ‘Monthly’ page above.

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October Astrology Exposed

Fairground rideYou need a gripping headline when you’re beginning a month that promises to be a roller-coaster ride astrologically.

Hopefully there’ll be whoops of delight and thrills along the way and you don’t spend the whole ride hanging on tight with your eyes shut.


Here’s what’s coming up in October:
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Venus enters Libra: Love Is In The Air

wedding rings and pink rosesLovely Venus is on the move this evening Monday 29th September [exact 21:52 BST] as she enters the sign of relating, Libra and it’s not surprising to find that Venus, Goddess of love, flourishes in the sign of relationships as this is her domain.

So far today I’ve been reminded of two weddings; the first between Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney which took place on Saturday in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice, with the civil ceremony happening today.

The second taking place tomorrow between dear friends who live in Greece and no doubt their day will be equally as romantic.

Venus in Libra is the happy-ever-after tale, the big wedding, the love story that makes us ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. When you have Venus in Libra in your natal chart, there’s a side to your nature that secretly or otherwise adores and believes in romance. Either that or you have an eye for style and design and channel your Venusian charms into artistic endeavours. Venus in Libra is beauty personified.

So as we move forth into October’s choppy waters, be reminded that with Venus in Libra until October 23rd 2014 there’s a place for kindness, generosity, sweet-naturedness, tolerance and open-heartedness. Venus in Libra is about Love with a capital ‘L’ and not solely romantic love but love for mankind, nature, animals, life, colours, the air we breathe.

In other words, wherever you want to spread a little love, this is your perfect cosmic opportunity. Venus in Libra deserves nothing less than total devotion at the altar of love.


Mercury ‘s Quick Dip Into Scorpio

waterMercury, the planet of communication, is on the move today, Saturday 27th September, as it enters the water sign of Scorpio [exact 23:39 BST].

In the depth sign of Scorpio Mercury is brilliant for research, studying, detective work, thinking deep, heart-to-hearts and all forms of intense communication.

In the coming week, use your mind to explore new realms and have at least one conversation that really matters or make that important phone call. Mercury is however already slowing down in the heavens as it begins it’s Mercury Retrograde period next Saturday 4th October.

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Libra Monthly Stars October 2014

HalloweenLibra (23 September – 23 October)

To say this is a big month is something of an understatement but there really is a lot going on in the heavens so do yourself a favour, pace yourself and stay calm and patient. This won’t always be easy but it’s worth giving it a try.

There are a couple of reasons why this month could turn out to be monumental. Firstly there are two eclipses taking place, a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th and a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd. What’s really important about both eclipses for you is that Venus, your ruling planet, sits next to the Sun in both events.

In fact, the Sun and Venus are very close together throughout October. This is about being authentic and true to who you are especially in relationships. It’s also about developing a strong inner core and allowing your personality to shine and in some shape or form define who you are. You can’t hide away when the Sun and Venus are arm in arm in your sign of Libra.

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Scorpio Monthly Stars October 2014

Wall boardsScorpio (24 October – 21 November)

This is an intriguing month in many respects. There are two eclipses, a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th and a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd, plus Mercury is retrograde from the 4th-25th. Both eclipses and Mercury retrograde share a common theme in that things which are hidden come to light.

This may be a time when you’re discovering new insights about yourself and for one reason or another, you want to spend time on your own reading, learning, meditating and finding out who you really are. In fact, you could discover a real love of quiet time this month as both the Sun and Venus are in Libra, the sign before yours until the 23rd.

The Sun and Venus together are about doing what you love and there’s a soft and gentle quality about this combination especially in the kind and gracious sign of Libra. Secrets and confidences are part and parcel of this package and you may find yourself coming to terms with what you really want but in a slow way because you know it’s not only about you. Libra is the sign of relating so the decisions you make have a knock-on effect with other people in your life, those you live with, love with and work with.

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Sagittarius Monthly Stars October 2014

SunlightSagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

There’s a lot going on in the heavens this month but the big news for you is the continuation of glorious fire trines which began late last month.

This involves your ruling planet Jupiter (expansion) in Leo still close to a trine with Uranus (spontaneity) in Aries and early in this month Mars (action) in Sagittarius links the two.

This is a big tick for doing all the things you love in life, especially when they expand your horizons physically, mentally and/or spiritually. It’s about discovering what gives you meaning in life and doing more of it. Your sign is the explorer, the traveller and you’re at your best when you’re setting off on a new quest or journey.

Mars in your sign adds courage and bravery to your personal tool box and it’s the planet of get-up-and-go. There is a slight foolhardy quality to Mars in Sagittarius so ensure that the risks you take this month don’t endanger you. Mars rules passion and anger and it’s not a quiet influence by any means.

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Capricorn Monthly Stars October 2014

Boat at nightCapricorn (22 December – 19 January)

When you have a month with two eclipses (one on the 8th, one on the 23rd) and a retrograde Mercury (4th-25th), you know that things are going to get steamy and a tad complicated. It’s also important to recognise that timing is all and knowing when to act is deeply helpful.

A lot of the dynamic energy involves cardinal signs, Aries, Libra and Capricorn (Cancer is  the 4th cardinal sign) and especially if you’re born in the first 5 days of January, the intensity’s building.

As the month begins, both the Sun and Venus are in Libra up at the top of your chart ruling your work, career, vocation and your status. This is where you’re heading in life. These two planets walk side-by-side throughout October until they change signs on the same day, the 23rd.

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Aquarius Monthly Stars October 2014

Wine backgroundAquarius (20 January – 18 February)

It’s a big month in the heavens with two eclipses, a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th and a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd. Plus Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde from the 4th-25th.

Both eclipses and Mercury retrograde share a theme of things being hidden coming to light. At times this month you may feel as if you’re making progress in the dark but by month’s end, you’ll have a clearer vision of the path ahead.

The first eclipse is a powerful one which takes place on the 8th. The Sun in Libra opposite the Moon in Aries cut across the travel and study axes of your chart. Eclipses often symbolise dramatic events, key turning points in life which re-orient you in a new direction. As Mercury is also retrograde, it is wise to double-check everything if you’re travelling or studying, including documentation, visas, passports, etc. Mercury retrograde is classic for mix-ups and muddles so plan accordingly.

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Pisces Monthly Stars October 2014

RainPisces (19 February – 20 March)

You know it’s going to be a big month when there are two eclipses, a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th and a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd, plus Mercury, the communication planet is retrograde (4th-25th).

This suggests that things are shadowy or hidden for much of the month of October and it’s hard to see your way forward clearly. Eclipses are connected with dramatic events that happen unexpectedly.

It’s something you didn’t see coming perhaps or life suddenly shows you a crossroads with a completely new sign directing you down a different path. Add Mercury to the mix and it’s as if you’re feeling your way forward blindfold for a while at least.

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Aries Monthly Stars October 2014

Autumn leavesAries (21 March – 19 April)

To say this is a busy month coming up is something of an understatement.

There are two eclipses on the 8th and 23rd which often signal dramatic events plus Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde from the 4th-25th. Both these key events have a theme of bringing what’s hidden to light, however you can also expect some twist and turns and at times a lack of clarity or lack of direction.

Mercury retrograde lore dictates that you’re wise to wait until Mercury turns direct (25th) before making a major decision and with Mercury retrograding back into Libra, the sign of the scales on the 10th, expect a little more umm-ing and aah-ing than usual. This is classic ‘change your mind’ territory for you and others.

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