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When it comes to astrology prediction, you win some, lose some.

It’s not a sure-fire way of knowing what the future holds, but it offers a better success rate than many other forms of divination.

Here are some of my most recent predictions:

1. William & Kate have a second baby in 2015 (it’s a girl!):

Prince William, Sun Cancer, Sign of the Family

2. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt tie the knot in the summer of 2014:

Angelina Jolie, Brangelina & A Summer Wedding?

3. Roger Federer wins the US Open 2014:

The Men’s US Tennis Open 2014

Two out of three ain’t bad, if the royal baby is indeed a girl!

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Best wishes from me to you for this month – relax or work hard depending on your Sun sign. Full details are in your personal monthly stars article below.

Virgo Monthly Stars September 2014

Virgo.Zeeshan A KhanVirgo (23 August-22 September)

Happy birthday, Virgo! As the month begins, the Sun is in your own sign where it remains until the 23rd. Of course, to be completely accurate, the Sun has been in your sign of Virgo since August 23rd and the New Moon in your sign on August 25th picked you out as the one to watch.

It’s always a good month when the Sun’s in your sign as long as you focus on you and put your own wants and needs first or at least higher up the list. Concentrate less on others now and bear in mind your own personal ambitions and look after no. 1. Not only the Sun but Lady Love Venus is also in your sign this month from the 5th-29th. This is an indication that you’re more popular than usual and other people enjoy being around you. The more happy and confident you are, the more it rubs off on others and the feel-good vibe spreads far and wide.

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Libra Monthly Stars September 2014

Libra.Zeeshan A KhanLibra (23 September-23 October)

You may feel as if you’re being pulled in two different directions this month. The Sun spends most of September in Virgo, the sign before yours in the heavens and this favours quiet times, solitude and signals retreat in some shape or form. Not only the Sun but your ruling planet Venus is in Virgo from the 5th-29th.

When planets are in the sign before yours, it’s your inner world that’s of most importance whether you have a lot to think about, you’re on a spiritual path or you’re trying to make sense of a situation that’s personal to you. You may be dealing with a secret or confidence that’s taking up quite a lot of your time or energy.

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Scorpio Monthly Stars September 2014

Scorpio.Zeeshan A KhanScorpio (24 October-21 November)

Your ruling planet Mars remains in Scorpio for the first two weeks of September although it’s not interacting with other planets. More importantly though, Mars is moving away from Saturn where it was dragged down over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (August 23rd-25th).

If life was tense, full on or heavy, things should now begin to ease as you can take charge and decide what next. There’s a sense that you’re rolling forward again and picking up speed rather than being impeded or held back.

This is an important month for you and one where you’re likely to be fully engaged with your inner process. If you’re a typical Scorpio, you’re a deep thinker and you leave no stone unturned when you’re thinking things through or making a decision. Of course this can end up feeling intense and emotionally draining but nonetheless it’s often your normal modus operandi, i.e. the way you go about things.

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Sagittarius Monthly Stars September 2014

Sagittarius.Zeeshan A KhanSagittarius (22 November-21 December)

As the month of September begins, there’s a ‘back to school’ vibe in the air. The Sun is in the earth sign Virgo ruling your career and vocation and earth signs are all about getting practical, working hard and seeing things through to completion.

So after the sunny atmosphere of August when there were a bevy of planets in your fellow fire sign Leo, it’s time to become studious and pay attention to the more serious side of life. In fact, this is an excellent month to crack on and make some headway with an important project, money matters and career goals.

The Sun remains in Virgo until the 23rd but is joined on the 5th by Venus and she remains in Virgo until the 29th. This is your cue to create a strong team around you, to work alongside others in collaboration and to use and schmooze your contacts. When Venus is in your career sector, it’s who you know that can propel you forward to the next stage. As Venus rules women, look out for a powerful female who becomes a role model or backs you to further your own career.

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Capricorn Monthly Stars September 2014

Capricorn.Zeeshan A KhanCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

There’s a more relaxed feel to September as the month begins with the Sun in your fellow earth sign Virgo.

Virgo rules travel but all areas of life that allow you to expand your horizons and broaden your experience, so education, philosophy and spirituality. You often want to see the world and save the world when you have planets in this sector of your chart.

The Sun remains in Virgo until the 23rd and from the 5th-29th is joined by Venus. Venus is the planet of love so this is a wonderful time to expand your horizons with your other half by your side and if you’re looking for love this is the perfect holiday romance. Read the rest of Capricorn Monthly Stars September 2014

Aquarius Monthly Stars September 2014

Aquarius.Zeeshan A KhanAquarius (20 January-18 February)

September’s the month to turn your attention to sensible matters and make some key decisions regarding finances and work. This is especially pertinent for you if you found the Bank Holiday weekend (August 25th) tough-going and felt burnt out or overwhelmed. Here’s an opportunity to take a step back, reconsider and consolidate your position.

That doesn’t mean there’s no work involved but it does mean learning to delegate or work as a part of a team, get advisers on your side to make your life run more smoothly and put organisational schemes in place that save you both time and money.

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Pisces Monthly Stars September 2014

Pisces.Zeeshan A KhanPisces (19 February-20 March)

This month is a powerful month for your 1-to-1’s, your key relationships and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, the Sun is in Virgo, your opposite sign, ruling your relationship sector and from the 5th-29th the Sun is joined by Venus, planet of love.

Here’s your opportunity to cosy up close to the one you love and spend some quality time together. When planets are in your opposite sign, it’s not only about love relationships but all your 1-to-1’s, personal and professional so bear this in mind. In other words, this is not a month to go it alone but to work in harmony and partnership alongside other people. Sign up with a personal trainer, employ an accountant or whatever fits for your personal situation.

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Aries Monthly Stars September 2014

Aries.Zeeshan A KhanAries (21 March-19 April)

Crack on, Aries! As the month begins, the Sun is in the hard-working sign of Virgo lighting up the sector of your chart that rules work, your routine and lifestyle and your body and health.

These themes have been more prominent in your life since the UK Bank Holiday weekend (23-25 August) when there was a New Moon in Virgo. Add to this the fact that Mercury, the planet of communication, was also in Virgo for the last two weeks of August and this is the equivalent of getting ready to go back to school. Virgo thrives best via list-making, organised filing, planning and scheduling and buying sensible shoes to see you through into the winter.

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Taurus Monthly Stars September 2014

Taurus.Zeeshan A KhanTaurus (20 April-20 May)

The Sun begins the month in your fellow earth sign of Virgo, a down-to-earth, practical sign and a nudge in your direction that the more you focus on fun and doing what you love, the happier you become.

Virgo rules the sector of your chart that represents your creativity, children, entertainment and love affairs. It’s all the good things in life so it’s about discovering what you enjoy and doing more of it. This is especially important if you’ve lost control of your life in some way and feel that other people are calling the shots, you’ve had too many demands upon you of late or you’re simply fed up of trying to make other people happy if it means you forget to be happy yourself.

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Gemini Monthly Stars September 2014

Gemini.Zeeshan A KhanGemini (21 May-20 June)

As the month begins the Sun is down at the base of your chart in the earth sign Virgo. This puts the spotlight on your home, family, your past and where you come from.

These themes may well have been dominating your life for the last two weeks in August when your ruler Mercury was in Virgo, plus on August 25th there was a New Moon in Virgo suggesting it’s these areas of your life that benefit now from new energy and making a fresh start.

In addition, Venus, the planet of love, art and beauty, is also in Virgo this month from the 5th-29th. This is literally about getting your house in order, whether you’re renovating, moving, doing DIY or you have family relations to sort out. Read the rest of Gemini Monthly Stars September 2014