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Your 2015 Stars eBookYour 2015 Stars

My eBook giving you the lowdown on the year ahead is discounted to £7.50 for the last week of January. I will be withdrawing the eBook for sale on February 1st 2015 so if you do want your own copy, please order it today.

Plus, until the end of January 2015, I am offering you a free A4 2015 Astrology Calendar when you purchase a copy of my latest eBook, Your 2015 Stars.

The eBook is over 120 pages: an overview of the astrology for 2015 and 12 chapters on each of the 12 star signs.

Your 2015 Stars costs only £10 £7.50 for all 12 star signs – for you and the people you love. You can purchase a copy of Your 2015 Stars by clicking here or going to the 2015 Stars page in the navigation bar above.

2015 Year Ahead Report – only 2 reports remaining

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Sun Sextile Saturn: Get Your S**t Together

orderI seem to have manifested the Mars/Neptune conjunction which took place earlier this week and have been fending off the lurgy over the last few days. Neptune rules viruses, the invisible spread of icky cold & flu germs.

Thankfully I am feeling much perkier today and after a few days of tending to essentials only, it’s back to the ‘to do’ list with a vengeance, enjoying the immense satisfaction of ticking off item after item.

This fits with our current astrology as after a lively week in the heavens (a New Moon and Mercury retrograde, plus Mars conjunct Neptune), things are beginning to stabilise as the Sun in Aquarius moves towards a helpful sextile aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, exact Friday 23rd January [05:23 GMT]. Read the rest of Sun Sextile Saturn: Get Your S**t Together

Mercury Retrograde Alert: Think Backwards

handstand, upside downMercury, the communication planet, turns retrograde today January 21st 2015 [15:54 GMT] and remains on go slow until February 11th 2015.

Mercury is in retrograde motion from 17 Aquarius to 1 Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of technology (you have done those important backups already, haven’t you?) and one of the fixed air signs.

Yesterday late afternoon I already experienced weird goings on with my Macbook & internet connection. An intermittent signal meant a Skype call I was attempting kept crashing unexpectedly and there were one or two glitches with my Macbook which reminds me I have to get it checked out but when?!

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Not One But Two New Moons In Aquarius

moon-478982_1280New Moons take place on average once a month and tend to fall in consecutive signs of the zodiac. This month and next we’re stepping outside usual practice as we have not one but two New Moons in the fixed air sign of Aquarius.

The first New Moon takes place today Tuesday 20th January (13:14 GMT) at 0 Aquarius 09 and the second New Moon takes place on February 18th 2015 (23:47 GMT) at 30 Aquarius 00. These two New Moons fall right at the start and the end of the sign of Aquarius as there are 30 degrees in each zodiac sign. Read the rest of Not One But Two New Moons In Aquarius

All You Need To Know About The Sign Of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

[This post first appeared on January 20th 2014. I’m reposting it exactly one year later to coincide with the Sun’s annual visit to the wonderful sign of Aquarius.]

The Sun enters Aquarius today, January 20th 2015, where it remains until February 18th 2015.

So what do you need to know about Aquarius whilst the Sun is in this quirkiest of signs?

“The Aquarian is essentially a realist, even though his address is tomorrow, with a wild-blue-yonder zip code”  Linda Goodman

I saw the quote above recently on a Kepler newsletter and thought what a brilliant description it was for the unique sign of Aquarius. Linda Goodman published her huge bestseller Sun Signs in 1968 and it’s still so readable and relevant today.

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The Mens Tennis Australian Open 2015

tennis ballI am late to the pass this time around to offer an astrological perspective on the mens’ tennis Down Under.

The matches of the Australian Open 2015 are already underway but as I know that many of you are super keen to hear what the astrology predicts for your favourite’s fortunes, I shall do my best to enlighten and entertain.

Here’s what the astrology has to say about the top four (as I’m a Brit, that includes Andy Murray) and the best of the rest. Read the rest of The Mens Tennis Australian Open 2015

Mars Square Saturn: What’s Slowing You Down?

Downloading future, please wait...Mars is the planet of action and it’s currently moving into a square aspect with the planet that slams on the brakes, Saturn.

Mars in Pisces wants to dream, be creative, live a fantasy life whilst Saturn says ‘hang on a minute, mate, but is that realistic?.

Saturn can be the party pooper of the heavens, the big guy who halts your plans in their tracks.

I’ve been on a creative roll whilst Mars has been in Pisces since the beginning of the week but I can feel the brakes clamping down, slowing me, pointing out the pitfalls, the limitations, where I need to be (ugh) sensible. That’s Saturn in action and it’s not easy to push on through.

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Uranus Sextiles: Small Acts Of Kindness Make A Big Difference

reaching out, holding handsThere are two lovely planetary aspects today and tomorrow; Venus sextile Uranus and Mercury sextile Uranus.

Sextiles are an easy connection, a “tra-la-la let’s hold hands, skip along together and be friends” kind of an aspect. Venus rules love and Love, Mercury rules words and communication and Uranus is the trigger that lights the spark, in a good way.

Uranus brings surprises and when Uranus connects with Venus, love can spring upon you spontaneously and sometimes from left field. You weren’t expecting a smile or to meet someone who makes your heart go boom. Uranus sextile Mercury often brings good news or a social connection that warms your heart. Words can and do make a difference.

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Mars In Pisces: Go With The Flow

meditation, beingMars is the planet of action and drive and as 2015 unfolds, Mars is leading the way. Since the beginning of the year, Mars has been in the systematic sign of Aquarius and both Venus (love/money) and Mercury (communication) have followed Mars into Aquarius, the fixed sign of air.

Today Monday 12th January Mars shifts signs and moves into the mutable water sign of Pisces where he remains until 20th February.

In my own life I can clearly see what this means and that’s not surprising as with a Scorpio Sun and an Aries Ascendant (the two signs ruled by Mars), Mars is a key planet in my natal chart.

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Planets In Aquarius: Find Your Tribe

people, groupMercury, the planet of communication, entered Aquarius yesterday Monday 5th January where it will remain until 13th March.

Mercury joins Venus and Mars, the lovers of the heavens, in one of my favourite signs of the zodiac, individualistic, eccentric Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of the group and Aquarians are at their best working and creating and thinking alongside others to come up with genius ideas and make a difference. Oddly enough, Aquarians often feel that they’re the outsider in the pack.

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Capricorn Monthly Stars January 2015

dhammakaya-pagoda-472546_1280Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

It’s your birthday month and as January begins there are three planetary bodies in your sign of Capricorn, the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Plus, the Moon is in your fellow earth sign of Taurus on New Year’s Day so this is a cue to do the things that you love.

Focus on fun and pleasure and make the most of the first few days of a New Year. Set your intentions and make sure that love, children, creative projects and entertainment are high on the list.

The Sun remains in Capricorn until the 20th, a key turning point in the month and for most of January, the Sun has a smooth run through the heavens. Put yourself and your own needs first and remember that when the Sun is in your sign, it’s your turn to shine bright. In particular, the focus is on your personal goals, your image and appearance and doing whatever’s necessary to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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