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The Merry Month of May

A warm welcome to my astrology website. May is turning out to be quite a big month here in the UK. The General Election on May 7th shocked the nation and produced an unexpected result.

Plus a new Royal Baby was born to William and Kate on May 2nd, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. (Find out why she’s a girlie princess in my latest article: The Royal Baby Princess Charlotte).

All the traditional events which link to the month of May, such as the maypole (photo to left), morris dancers and the Beltane festival celebrate fertility and abundance.

This is no surprise astrologically because it’s Taurus’ birthday month and Taurus is ruled by Venus, symbol of love and money. After Aries (the first sign) initiates and sows seeds, Taurus (the second sign) is connected to the earth which helps life grow and flourish. This is the production stage. As I’m sitting here writing this we have heavy rain and high winds so it’s not the most spring-like picture outside the window. Yet I feel confident that for those of us in the northern hemisphere summer is on the way.

That’s what we’re celebrating this month, that summer is just around the corner. The buds are budding and the leaves are green.

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The Astrology Of Britain’s Got Talent

photo of Britain's Got TalentBritain’s Got Talent is one of British television’s biggest talent shows with wannabe stars of any age eligible to audition in front of the judges.

The age of the contestants has so far ranged from 4 years old to 92 years old and the show isn’t restricted to human auditions but has seen many performing animals on the stage.

The contestants are bidding to win a huge cash prize, plus a spot on the annual Royal Variety Performance and for the lucky few, a step up the ladder towards fame and fortune.

Britain’s Got Talent (also known as BGT) was first televised in 2007 and this year, 2015, is the ninth series of the show. BGT has been re-commissioned until 2016 which will be it’s 10th anniversary. This year, the talent continues to be incredibly diverse and once again, the show has grabbed the attention of the nation. Read the rest of The Astrology Of Britain’s Got Talent

Kim And Kanye’s First Wedding Anniversary

Kim and Kanye, weddingHave you ever wondered whether astrology can help you choose your perfect wedding date? The answer is ‘yes’ and the wedding chart for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West one year ago today suggests they either got lucky choosing when to get married or who knows, they may have consulted an astrologer.

Kim and Kanye were married in a lavish ceremony on May 24 2014 in Florence, Italy and said ‘I do’ at approximately 6pm. Whether they knew it or not, they married on a very auspicious day when there was a spectacular planetary pattern in the heavens.

This was a Grand Water Trine which includes three planets that form a triangle shape in the sky and create an easy flow of energy. As water is the element that rules emotions and depth of feeling, this was ideal for a romantic occasion.

The planets in the Grand Trine were Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter and Saturn were working together harmoniously on the day to bring dreams (Jupiter) to reality (Saturn). Plus Chiron, the planet associated with healing, is linked with magical and shamanic qualities and adds a spiritual quality to this remarkable Grand Trine in water. This was perfect for a marriage blessing and a divine union. Read the rest of Kim And Kanye’s First Wedding Anniversary

The Men’s Tennis French Open 2015

tennis ballBack by popular demand, I am once again taking a look at the astrology for the men’s tennis, this time the French Open which begins tomorrow, Sunday 24th May 2015.

If you’re new to my tennis predictions, I use astrology to see what it can tell us about the Top 10 seeds and I keep my astrology relatively simple by checking out the transits during the tournament and especially Jupiter, the success planet.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that I only have the time of birth for the top players. (If you have any additional information for me regarding times of birth, I’d love to receive it. Thank you.)

Plus I take a look at two charts which represent a ‘moment in time’, the chart drawn up for the start of the tournament and the chart for the final. The chart that symbolises the start of an event can signal what’s going to happen in the tournament, whether the favourite will do well, shock exits, etc.

If you want to check out some of my other tennis predictions which I began in 2012, then either search ‘tennis’ in the search box above or scope out the Sports Astrology category (see side bar on right). Read the rest of The Men’s Tennis French Open 2015

Sun Opposite Saturn: Rolling A Boulder Up A Hill

valley-of-roses-64936_1280The Sun entered Gemini earlier today, May 21st 2015 [09:45 BST], the quick-moving, fleet-footed, nippy, zippy sign of the zodiac.

So why do you feel like you’re currently rolling a very heavy boulder up a hill?

Gemini rules ideas & possibility. Geminis are adaptable, inventive, curious about life. Gemini wants to run and skip up the hill, once maybe twice, just for the heck of it.

Yet, this month immediately planets enter Gemini, they come up against a very large obstacle in the shape of Saturn, staring down at them. This is your brick wall, this is your immovable object, this is the boulder you’re pushing up that hill.

Read the rest of Sun Opposite Saturn: Rolling A Boulder Up A Hill

Why Geminis Make The Best Tennis Players

Sun Gemini, tennis racquetThe Sun enters Gemini today, May 21st 2015 [[09:45 BST (GMT +1)] where it remains until June 21st 2015.

Gemini is the sign of communication ruled by fleet-footed Mercury and Geminis are quick, witty, fun and curious about life.

Each Star sign represents a part of the human body and Gemini rules the hands. This is the sign of dexterity and many Geminis run on nervous energy and find it hard to sit still. They use their hands to express themselves and are often extremely talented at sports which involve good hand-to-eye co-ordination.

Tennis is one such sport and it’s believed that tennis originated from a game played in the 12th century in France called ‘jeu de paume’ which translated into English means ‘game of the palm’.

It’s no surprise therefore to discover that many great tennis players are born under the Sun sign Gemini as you need excellent racquet skills to be a top tennis player. Read the rest of Why Geminis Make The Best Tennis Players

Charlotte Church: Prosecco Socialist

Charlotte ChurchLast week I read an article in the press about the singer Charlotte Church, who recently joined a protest in Cardiff about budget and austerity cuts post General Election.

Charlotte’s actions resulted in her being called a ‘champagne socialist’ by the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

In response she wrote an articulate blog on her website stating her reasons for wanting to ‘fight harder’ against the Conservative majority government, adding that she was more of a ‘prosecco girl’ rather than a champagne drinker.

Pisces Symbolism Read the rest of Charlotte Church: Prosecco Socialist

The New Moon of Abundance

europe-175773_1280The next New Moon, symbol of new beginnings, takes place on Monday 18th May, exact at 05:13 BST (GMT +1).

This  New Moon falls at 26 Taurus 56 in the sign of money, sensuality, produce & abundance.

It makes no other major aspects apart from a conjunction to the Part of Fortune – gorgeous!

It’s the New Moon of abundance. Read the rest of The New Moon of Abundance

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Mercury Retrograde: Turn Down The Noise

silence, sea, Mercury retrogradeThe second Mercury Retrograde phase of 2015 begins early next week so if you haven’t already backed up your computer data and double-checked trips, meetings, important paperwork, etc. jump to it.

Mercury Retrograde has become one of the best-known astrological phenomena and most people by now know that the three weeks when Mercury’s retrograde can be a time of communication chaos and snafus.

It helps to plan in extra time to your schedule, to remain flexible and to keep your sense of humour if bureaucracy, call centres, technology and/or other people seem to be going all out to drive you mad. Read the rest of Mercury Retrograde: Turn Down The Noise

Mercury In Gemini: Is There A Writer In You?

typewriter, Mercury in GeminiMercury, planet of communication, rules two signs in the zodiac, Gemini and Virgo.

This month on May 2nd, Mercury entered Gemini where it remains until July 8th.

The sign of Gemini rules all forms of communication; the written word, chatter and gossip, gathering information, sharing ideas, quick wit and debate.

The media world is Gemini’s playground but it’s writing where Gemini excels. Two of the world’s most famous singer-songwriters are Gemini born a year apart, Bob Dylan (b. May 24 1941) and Paul McCartney (b. June 18 1942) and there are twice as many Gemini authors as other signs. Here are a few notable examples: Read the rest of Mercury In Gemini: Is There A Writer In You?

The Royal Baby Princess Charlotte

baby-220317_1280Girlie Princess

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born on May 2nd 2015 to William & Kate and she truly is a girlie princess (see chart below).

Baby Charlotte’s Ascendant is caring Cancer which makes her ruling planet the Moon, and both her Sun in tender Taurus and her Moon in loving Libra are in Venus-ruled signs.

Moon & Venus, Feminine Planets

The Moon and Venus are the two feminine planetary bodies in astrology and Charlotte’s holy trio of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, which tell you a lot about a person’s character and identity, all link back to the Moon and Venus.

In addition, her middle names give a nod to Queen Elizabeth (Great-Grandma), a Sun Taurus and the late Princess Diana (Grandma), a Sun Cancer. There’s the link to Venus (Taurus) and the Moon (Cancer) again. This is one girlie princess. Read the rest of The Royal Baby Princess Charlotte