The Merry Month of May


March and April could be thought of as the retrograde months with key planets on go slow. The picture changes in May as there’s a sense of progress and this is the start of three go-getting months in the year, May, June & July 2017

Communication planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd bringing with it good news and a surprise or two. The major pairing, Saturn and Uranus, combine on the 19th, one of the major astrological themes of the year. This is about renewal, bringing the old and the new together to work in unison.

Finally, the karmic nodes shift signs this month on the 9th. They move into the signs of Leo & Aquarius where they will remain for the next 18 months. This will be a powerful time of destiny for these two star signs and anyone who has key planets/angles at the eclipse degrees. The next set of eclipses takes place in August.

The images for the May horoscopes are pictures of blossom - sending you spring wishes and sunshine wherever you are in the world.

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